Monday, September 30, 2013

Peer review grouping for essay 1

I've assigned everyone to a group named by your favorite TV series. Each of you will review two paper drafts from the other two people in the same group. Please write a 250-word comment for each review. Conducting peer reviews is a good way to improve your writing. Please read the draft through once before responding to the following points. You don't have to address all issues, just pick 2-3 points that you like about the paper and you think how the author can improve.

Please upload your comments for each classmate to the Google Drive before we meet on Tuesday. Name you file like this "Peer review_you last name_the author's last name."

Please address the following questions in your comments.

1. In what ways does the introduction used by the writer prepare you for the argument? 
How effectively does it frame the issue? 
2. Is there an essay map in the introduction? If so, suggest ways in which the essay 
map in the introduction could be improved. 
3. Suggest ways to make the framing of the issue, review of alternative approaches, 
and the main point advanced by the writer more consistent with each other. 
4. Identify areas in the paper where brief overviews would make the argument easier 
to follow. 
5. Identify arguments that would run counter to the writer's argument. Suggest ways 
the writer could respond to and/or refute these arguments. 
6. If the writer is advocating a particular solution, suggest ways in which it could be 
described more clearly. 
7. If the writer is advocating a particular solution, suggest ways in which the 
implementation of that solution could be described more clearly and completely. 
8. Consider the writer’s use of evidence. Is it appropriate? Are there points at which 
additional evidence would be useful? Where different evidence might be used more 
9. How effective is the conclusion? Does it do more than simply restate the content of 
the essay? How might it be improved? 

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