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Research Report on Brian Stelter

 “Al Jazeera  America Promises a More Sober Look at the News” by Brian Stelter is a article that gives readers an inside look as to how the news operations will work at the new network. Stelter covers Al Jazeera America’s start up because of new tactics the network claims to present viewers as well as the bad reputation the Al Jazeera worldwide network gets in the United States for broadcasting Osama Bin Laden’s messages after the 9/11 attacks. The article was written for the New York Times, which serves a nationwide audience, and allows for people in various regions of the country to learn more about how the network plans to run itself.

Brian Stelter is an esteemed journalist who specializes in reporting on the inside management of the television industry who has worked as a writer for The New York Times after his graduation from college in 2007. Stelter graduated from Towson University in May 2007 with a degree in Mass Communications, but was well known within the television industry before his graduation. Stelter found – a blog dedicated to reporting on events taking place in the news rooms of CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS amongst others as well as tipping off readers on what the next story would be from these networks and who would be reporting – in 2004. was purchased by during Stelter’s college career with the company naming him Editor of Along with his job a student and as editor of, Stelter also found time to be Editor of his school newspaper. Stelter’s rise to fame within the industry was chronicled by the likes of the USA Today, The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal all before his graduation from college.

Stelter was named online journalist of the year by Media Web in 2006 because of’s profound impact on the way the major news network executives find inside information within their industry. Brian is widely respected for his knowledge of the television industry and the serious, professional nature with which he writes. Stelter’s biggest news break may have come when he broke the story of CBS photoshopping Katie Couric thinner just weeks before she began her venture as host of “The CBS Evening News”.  At the time Stelter received his journalistic award, had roughly 1,000,000 viewers per month on the site.

The comments on Stelter’s article sparked much discussion over what type of news the network would provide, how they would present it, and if people were looking forward to the launch of this new channel. People were very intrigued and opinionated as to how long the station could actually survive, how the network would be received by the American public, and more importantly the television providers in the country. A day after the launch of Al Jazeera America, Shelter wrote about the type of reception and ratings the channel received on its flagship day, which dealt more with what his commenters were concerned with in the article “Al Jazeera America Promises a More Sober Look at the News”.


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