Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Online Assignment #1

What's up?

1. I was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and moved to Ashland, Pennsylvania when I was 4. I later moved to Mount Prospect, Illinois when I was 10. It's about 20/30 minutes away from Chicago.

2. I use Reddit for all my news and honestly it has kept me informed for just about everything. I'll also use Twitter and the occasional news website. I'll have ESPN up ALL the time.

3. My favorite TV shows are Parks and Recreation, The Office and Game of Thrones.

4. "Pay it forward." Somewhere in your life someone has helped or has been there for you. You never know when you could be that person for someone else.

5. The whole "One Direction" craze really annoys me. Just stop. You aren't marrying any of them. Ever.

6. I'd love me a little Macklemore or Of Monsters and Men. Maybe some Eminem and Zac Brown Band. White Panda and The Killers wouldn't hurt.

The song I REALLY want to be played is the "Oh Yeah" song from Ferris Bueller's Day Off just to see if it would happen and because it would be comical.

7. I enjoy laughing and seeing other people laugh makes me laugh. I really like watching reaction videos and even though the videos are old I laugh every single time.

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