Monday, October 14, 2013

Discussion questions_Kachka_Salileng

1) In the first paragraph, Dan Ariely is quoted relating how everyone cheats (about 15%) regardless of how likely we are to get caught. Do you agree with this? How much do you think journalists today lie within their pieces? Would lies correlate with a heavy bias?
2) Despite Lehrer’s blatant plagiarism, he still managed to advance his career substantially and earned a reputation as an intellectual individual. Does his advancement indicate any deeper issues within the media community? How could many people overlook his untruthful and distorted work? Why was there a lack of immediate uproar in the science community or with other journalists ?

3) If dishonesty and fabricated journalism is present, do you think any of the values of journalism previously discussed are overlooked or are prioritized in a certain way? Could various pressures such as time and competition factor in to the decision-making process?

4) In today’s society, if a journalist has been excommunicated and shunned by their peers, do you think he or she would be able to make a return to journalism? What reactions would this warrant from the public, other journalists and important figures?

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