Sunday, September 29, 2013

Discussion Questions_Gillmor_Zacharias

1.) We often post things on Facebook that Gillmor would classify as having journalistic value. Would you consider yourself a “journalist” because of this? Why or why not?

 2.) Gillmor claims that who state law defines as a journalist in regards to shield laws encourages a “back-door licensing of journalists”. Do you think this is true? If so, what should states do to prevent this?

3.) Gillmor is publishing a book in attempt to convince people to become more active users of media, or practice “media literacy”. Would you consider yourself a passive or active consumer of media? What do you consider media literacy?

4.) The main question Gillmor poses in the article is “Do we need a new name for the modern media creators?” What do you think? Do you think it is important to draw a line between who we view as journalists and who we do not?

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