Monday, September 16, 2013

Discussion Questions_Gans_ Feichtmeier

1. Is the news more critical of the youth or adults? Explain your opinion.

2. With the form of media constantly changing, do you think to news will remain biased toward one side of a story? ex: use of more neutral words and more news covering both sides of the story.

3. How do the 8 values in the news that the author listed compare to the values you believe the news should uphold. Which one would you consider to be the most important and why?
         Author's values: Ethnocentrism, altruistic democracy, responsible capitalism, small-town      pastoralism, individualism, moderatism, social order, and national leadership

4. Is it the job of journalists to simply report on events, or add their own values and opinions to the stories that they cover?  If a journalist does include their own opinions and values, what sort of implication can this have?

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