Monday, September 30, 2013

Discussion Questions_Stelter_Yadegar

1.)  There are very few successful international news networks that do well in America, for example BBC. Do you see Al Jazeera America being a longterm successful network? Why or why not?

2.) While most news stations air around 15 minutes of commercials every hour, Al Jazeera America will only air around 6 minutes of commercials per hour. Will this small amount of commercials help the network retain viewers because of their appealing lack of commercials or will it harm the network because advertisers won't want to broadcast on Al Jazeera because the lack of air time.

3.) Al Jazeera America is originally from Qatar, in a post 9/11 society will Americans be hesitant about watching shows on the network from a Middle Eastern country or will they look aside from the networks origin and let the journalism speak for itself?

4.) What type of political bias if any will Al Jazeera America have?

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