Monday, September 30, 2013

Discussion Questions_Kovach and Rosenstiel_O'Shasky

1.)  Kovach and Rosenstiel began chapter 8 by writing about the fact that in todays digital society we have access to hundreds of news headlines every day, compared to only the handful of articles, chosen by editors, that appear in daily newspapers. Do you believe todays news consumers are better able to sort out and monitor the important news articles, which was previously the job left up to the newspaper's editors?

2.)  With shrinking news rooms across the world, do you believe any one news operation still has the adequate resources needed to do the monitoring for us?

3.)  In todays digital society we also have access to international websites like Yahoo and the New York Times. Does the access to these sites which contains international news reduce ones interest in their local news?

4.)  In chapter 9, Kovach and Rosenstiel bring up the metaphor of journalists acting as gatekeepers who mediate the facts on behalf of the public. But with todays increase in social networking, we have a growing tendency to receive our news from non-journalistic sources. How do you believe this will affect the roles of journalists in todays evolving society?

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