Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Online Assignment #1

1) I'm a pureblood Wisconsinite, born and raised near Milwaukee in the small village of Greendale.

2) My main source of news is on my phone. I downloaded the NY Times App and it has most of their articles on there. I also enjoy occasionally watching the Colbert Report (I know this is not reliable news but it's entertaining).

3) It's hard to narrow down my favorite TV show to just one. I enjoy a variety of shows including: Breaking Bad, HIMYM (How I met Your Mother), Shark Tank, Duck Dynasty, and the League. This is a very diverse selection of shows but I'm proud of all of them.

4) Any catch phrase from Duck Dynasty is never overused. "Happy, Happy, Happy", "Hey, Jack", and "Go Beard or Go Home" are some of their best pieces of work.

5) Twerking. Apart from the ridiculous dance itself, the lack of self-respect it takes to actual perform the action amazes me. I get that most of the time it is done as a joke, but that still doesn't make it look classy. And sorry ladies, but no guy looks at a girl Twerking and thinks about his future with her.

6) Let's get a little bit of Country in the mix. The biggest transition I've noticed from my hometown to Madison is that nobody likes Country music here. I feel a little out of place when I'm the only one in a room not spitting out lyrics to a "popular" rap song. A little Aaron Lewis, Eric Church, Toby Keith, or Justin Moore would be a nice break.

7) Alright, I don't know if anybody has seen this yet, but despite my previous statements, this rapper is the coolest person alive.

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