Thursday, October 31, 2013

Online Assignment 2_Burnham

The two categorizations that the VALS survey gave me were Striver and Experiencer. A striver is someone who is motivated by their achievements and highly care about the opinion of others. Money defines success and they favor stylish products. A lack of skills and focus often prevent them from moving ahead. An experiencer is motivated by self -expression. They are often young compulsive consumers and can become enthusiastic very quickly. The want variety and excitement and they often spend their time outdoors and socializing. They place a high value on looking good and having cool things.

I think that these two categories each fit me in some way. I can compare and contrast aspects of my personality with both a striver and an experiencer. I identify with the striver because I find that I am often motivated by achievement and I do subconsciously care about others opinions and thoughts. I want everyone to approve of me, like in some way I should be able to make them all satisfied and content. I don’t know if I agree that money defines success like a typical striver, but I do know what its like to never have enough to meet my desires. I find that sometimes I feel like if I could obtain a certain object, I would be better. I agree with the lack of focus preventing me from moving ahead, because often I find it hard to improve my skills due to attention deficits. I identify with the experiencer because I to would consider myself at times, a young and compulsive consumer. This fits with the striver side of me. I am motivated by self-expression and am always looking for variety and new cool things. I would consider myself to be a little offbeat so it makes sense that I do this. I have spent a lot of my life in sports like soccer and would consider myself to be a very social person.

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