Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Online Assignment #2_O'Shasky

The VALS survey classified me as both an achiever and a striver. I think that I fit most of the characteristics that an achiever has. A few of the biggest similarities would be that I have a very deep commitment to my family and my career (school being my current career) and that I live a very goal-oriented lifestyle. Ever since I can remember I have been continuously setting goals in my life for things that I want to accomplish and places that I want to go. Achievers are said to live conventional lives, be politically conservative, and respectful to authority. While I would say the first and last of those statements are dead on, I do not consider myself politically conservative. I am fairly active in the marketplace, which is also a characteristic of achievers. I will typically buy products that already are established and popular. My other classification was a striver. While I am fun loving and motivated by achievement, I would say that is about where the similarities between me and a striver end. Strivers are said to define success as the amount of money a person has which is something I strongly disagree with. I am not into style and would not be considered an impulse shopper which are also said to be characteristics of a striver. I am probably the worst person you will ever meet at making impulse decisions. I need to spend time thinking about what product to buy. Overall I feel the achiever classification better suites my characteristics and habits.

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