Thursday, October 31, 2013

Online Assignment #2_Trainor

My primary VALS type is Experiencer and my secondary type is Striver. I would mostly agree with the results from this consumer survey. The Experiencer type is summed up as a young and enthusiastic consumer who buys impulsively. I have often bought clothes, tickets and electronics on a whim. However, the word ‘impulsively’ seems to have a negative connotation. My personal buying history has never consisted of lavish things that I have no use for. Instead, I impulsively buy things that I need but never put any research into them. This can definitely be risky and was consequently pointed out by the VALS report.
The activities that each type gave are also relevant to the way I live my life. These include exercise, sports, outdoor recreation, and social activities. The Experiencer type adds that shopping is a major way that I would go about interacting socially. This is true. Unlike others, I view shopping as a form of entertainment opposed to something that I have to be forced to do. Both types assume that I am an avid consumer which is obviously true.
The only thing that the report did not get right is the list of things I probably like. Both types provide things that I have no inclination towards: VW, Rolling Stone, Red Bull, the lottery, Coke Classic, and Playboy. I doubt many people would admit that they enjoy Playboy even if they did but, nonetheless, I do not like Playboy. As for the other examples, many more similar products come to my mind that I far more enjoy than the ones listed. I think it is interesting that the description can be dead on but the list of things I probably like is so off. I would attribute this error to the shear amount of products available for consumers today. In the past I am sure it was easier to pinpoint exactly what a specific consumer liked after performing a similar survey. However, I do not think today’s consumers can or want to be defined by a simple list of products.

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