Monday, October 21, 2013

Discussion questions_Bernays_Kaplan

Daniel Kaplan - “Organized Chaos and The New Propagandists” Discussion Questions

1 With the rise of digital media and the internet, do you think the ways in which the “chaos” is organized has changed? How so? (ie people are organized more by WHAT TYPE of media they consume, old people listen to the radio young kids watch Netflix)
2 If we are all organized by these intersections of media and interests, are we really unique individuals? What makes us unique? Or is our perception of unique self a fallacy?
3 In the New Propagandists, Bernays gives us the example of the John Smith from Tulsa who thinks he is making a fashionable decision on a suit but in reality his decision was predetermined based on London designers and New York/Philadelphia/Los Angeles. Do you think that YOU personally choose your clothes based on your unique decisions or that your decisions are predetermined?

4 This article was written in 1928. Do you think the concept of invisible government and invisible tastemakers is still relevant? Who are these tastemakers today?

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