Monday, October 28, 2013

Online Assignment #2_Wedge

             The VALS survey was quite interesting and fun to take. The VALS survey classified me as both an experiencer and a striver. Of the two classifications I feel that I most accurately match the description of the experiencer. The experiencers are young, impulse buyers that are willing to make a risky purchase and not be worried. I usually like to buy something that looks interesting or catches my eye that someone else may not already have. I also connect through the energy that experiencers have. My energy outlets are sports like baseball, basketball, and football along with exercising about four times a week. I also really enjoy social activities such as parties and tailgating for sporting events. I disagree with the purchases as described by experiencers. I usually buy something if I have the money to buy, not to look cool and most of my purchases are towards food right now, but this may change in the future. I do not really enjoy VW or the magazine, but it is amazing that the survey was able to tell that I do really enjoy Redbull. 
             The strivers on the other hand, I mostly disagree with the description. I do not buy to show off my money or shop as a social activity. I do strive to do well and I do enjoy being acknowledged for the good work that I do, but I would not be defined by money as the strivers are described. I also am more of a Ford guy then Chevy or Dodge, but I do really enjoy coke, but I believe no one would dislike winning the lottery and no man minds an attractive set of girls. Overall, I believe that I most accurately fit the description of the experiencers. The strivers seem to be more kiss-ups to strive and really enjoy being rewarded with money, while I like to do the work well, without expecting a reward. The experiencers are also not nearly as worried about buying something on a whim and the use of energy perfectly matches my own use of energy. The experiencers define me most now, but that does not mean that after four years of college I won't change.

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