Thursday, October 24, 2013

Online Assignment #2_Markham

                Dodge Ram, Field & Stream, and Budweiser are among the things most favorable to a “Maker”. According to the VALS Survey, I am primarily a “Maker” with “Experiencer” Resources. Before taking this survey, I would not have expected to have fallen under the self-expression personality type by scanning over the three options (Ideals, Achievement, and Self-Expression). After completing the survey and finding out I actually do fit under this category, I read the description and found that I am very similar to the hands-on, self-sufficient, practical character type mentioned.

                Looking first at the Primary Motivation to my consumption decisions, according to the VALS Survey, I see many similarities to my outlook. The site claims that I, “Live within a traditional context of family, practical work, and physical recreation.” This accurately reflects the majority of my life. I spend most of my time working or performing physical activities, and time spent outside of those two things is minimal, unless I am around family. My only criticism of this categorization is that it subtly hints that “Makers” are close-minded and set on their ways. I would disagree with this underlying assumption in relation to my life, because I enjoy a wide variety of things, whether or not I spend a lot of time on them.

                My Secondary Motivation, or Resource, is that I am an “Experiencer”. The Survey states that I am young, enthusiastic, and impulsive, and spend a lot of time exercising, outdoors, or with friends. This is less true than my Primary Motivation, but still a little reflective of my outlook. I do tend to make impulsive purchases, but these purchases tend to be more practical to my hobbies and necessities than this description makes it sound. I also, as stated under “Maker”, prefer to buy value over luxury. This description suggests, however, and impulse to buy high fashion and entertainment, which is seldom true of my consumption habits.

                All in all, the Survey successfully summarized my outlook on society and consumption, primarily in the “Maker” description of my character traits.

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