Monday, October 28, 2013

Discussion Questions_Maher_Mueller

Jill Maher "Race and Children's Television" Discussion Questions

1. The article discusses the amount of time children watch television by race/ethnic group. Why is so much attention being paid to how children are affected by advertising and what racial/ethnic group they come from?

2. Two different studies reported that Hispanics were used in less than 1 percent of advertisements as well as Hispanics and Asians are almost never used in advertisements without interaction with other characters. Why do you think advertisers have consciously or subconsciously done this?

3. In order to prevent stereotypes in advertising, what actions can be taken to provide a more balanced presentation of all ethnic/racial groups in commercials.

4. This article presented results from advertisements of different sample sizes, types of advertisements, and ethnic interactions. What research result do you find most important/shocking? Do you believe the similar results would be found if the research looked at print ads rather than TV ads? Do you believe kids are affected by print ads ever?

5. After reading this article, what do you believe should be done to make changes in advertising with respect to racial/ethnic groups in commercials? Who should be in change of monitoring this situation?

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