Friday, November 1, 2013

Online assignment_Will

Primary: Experiencer
Secondary: Striver

I would say the results of the survey are fairly accurate.  I certainly express a mix of the characteristics of both personality types.  I certainly value new trends and pop culture, and enjoy learning about the latest in movies and music.  I am constantly researching reviews and listening to newly released music, and discovering new unique music is a big part of my leisure time.  It could probably be said that I attempt to have “cool” things, as listed under Experiencer.  Something that seemed a little absent was my love for cooking, as I am the most involved cook at my house.  I spend more time and money on meals than other roommates, and it’s a big hobby of mine.  While the Experiencer is my primary personality type, I feel as if the Striver description fits me more.  I definitely view buying things as an opportunity to prove to people I can, as I work both for the student Union and for my father’s health insurance consulting firm.  Another characteristic of the Striver I share is that I view my current employment as a job rather than the career.  Although it is just a college job, which I’m sure skews the Striver description slightly.   Lastly, an interesting fact the Striver personality got right about me was my love of Coke Classic, something I wouldn’t have expected to have  guessed correctly about me.

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