Friday, November 1, 2013

Online Assignment 2_Miller

After completing the VALS survey the results I got were Striver for my primary type and Experiencer for my secondary. I don't necessarily agree with my primary type, but I do feel my secondary type is accurate. Money and material wealth define success for Strivers, which is why I don't entirely agree with this assessment. I don't feel like the amount of money I have defines my success, nor do I favor stylish products that give the appearance of wealth. After all, by choosing a field in journalism, money clearly isn’t at the top of my list in terms of importance. I do however feel motivated by achievement and lack of focus is often an issue for me. Being labeled a Striver is only partly correct in my eyes.
An Experiencer is an enthusiastic and impulsive consumer, which certainly could describe me as I tend to just buy something if I do want it instead of taking a step back and asking myself if I truly need it. This really only applies to entertainment for me, and more specifically sports. If there is a football or basketball game I really want to go to, there’s no way I’m not going to get a ticket provided I have enough money to do so, otherwise I usually save it. I do run a lot, in fact I ran a half marathon about a month ago, so my energy really does find an outlet in sports. I also know I probably spend too much time with friends instead of doing what I should be doing. Thus, the Experiencer label I feel is more accurate than the Striver.

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