Friday, November 1, 2013

PJ Feichtmeier Online Assignment #2

After completing the VALS test, I was labeled as an experiencer with an innovator as my secondary type.  I would agree with the label as an experiencer because it is described as a person who gets excited about new opportunities, however is equally as quick to cool off about them, which is typically how I work.  It also says an experiencer craves excitement, social activities, and outdoor activities which are all things that I enjoy and participate in on a daily basis.  I agree most with the idea that an experiencer craves excitement, since most days I feel the same way.  The one part I don’t agree with is the assumption that experiencers spend most of their income, which in my case is not true, I tend to save my money rather than spend it. 
            My secondary type was an innovator, which is described as successful and like to find themselves in leadership positions.  Also, they are change leaders and are usually receptive to new ideas and technologies.  I would agree with this label as well because I tend to take charge in most areas of my life, and don’t like the feeling of not being in control of everything.  However, once again I disagree with the notion that innovators spend a large portion of their income as well, which as I said before is the opposite of how I handle money.  However, I do agree with the idea that innovators care about image because most days I tend to put thought into what I wear and how I act.
            Overall, the VALS test was surprisingly more accurate than I had expected, and I agree with the two labels it gave me. 

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