Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Discussion Questions: How Luther Went Viral

1.     Martin Luther took advantage of pamphlets, ballads, and woodcuts to promote their message of religious reform throughout social networks. During the Arab Spring, Egyptians used Facebook to organize protests and spread awareness. In what ways do you think people today could utilize social media as a successful means of activism?

2.     Do you think because of social media, our generation holds more power?

3.     Why can social media be so effective in bringing about change?
                                               Examples:  It provides exposure to what’s wrong, reaches a wide audience, can reach important people, allows for debate and participation, can promote new ideas, uses information as a weapon, empowers the people, etc.

4.     The Catholic church banned Luther's pamphlets from being distributed, but they found ways around these restrictions so people could still access the information. If social media triggered a political movement today, do you think it would survive? Would government authority squash it, or is social media so big that it could withstand, like Luther’s movement did?

5.     Do you think social media alone can be enough to spark a movement, or are there other factors necessary to fuel an uprising?

6.     Other than the Arab Spring, can you think of any examples in modern society where social media has brought about a serious change, or where it could?

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