Monday, November 18, 2013

Discussion questions_Carey_Long

I plan to play a game of telephone in the start of the class, to portray the two types of communication. It will show that we are transmitting information to one another as well as show the ritual view of communication as the game itself drew our discussion together where we all share participation in a certain ceremony together. 
11.     What do you think John Dewey meant when he said “communication is wonderful”? What does James Carey think of this statement?
Answer: John Dewey thought that communication was wonderful because it helps nurture a society, creates social bonds among different people, and helps create this shared experience into something more meaningful. Upon his initial thought, James Carey thought that communication could not be wonderful because it is a mundane activity, when referring to conversations, providing knowledge, and giving instructions. However, once one looks deeper at communication, into how it maintains society throughout time, they will find communication to be much more wonderful.
22.     Do you think today’s social media gives wonder and awe to the “commonplace activity” of communication? If so, how?
33.     Do you agree with Carey when he states that newspapers are dramatically satisfying in how they are “presentations of reality that gives life an overall form, order, and tone”? How is this related to the recurring theme of providing what is in the best interest of the public versus what the public is interested in?
44.     How might we look at communication differently to “restore value in reshaping our common culture”, as Carey suggests?

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