Friday, November 1, 2013

Online Assignment2_Sivilotti

After taking the VALS test, my results concluded that I am an experiencer and that my secondary type was an innovator. I found these results to be quite interesting. While there are certain aspects of these labels that I agree with, I wouldn't completely identify myself with either group.

According to the VALS description, experiencers seek self expression and adventure. These people tend to be fashion forward and are also avid consumers. I would agree that I definitely seek adventure and like taking part in a new activity that is unfamiliar. However, I wouldn't call myself an avid consumer. I don’t necessarily spend a lot of money on myself, and if I do, it is normally on an experience rather than a material item.

My secondary VALS type was an innovator, which I also found to be very interesting. I agree that I like to keep up with the greatest technologies and have expensive taste. However, I must admit that it is easier to have expensive taste when it’s coming out of your parent’s pocket.  I do agree that I like to take charge whenever I have the opportunity and would consider myself a leader. I also like to solve puzzles and complete challenges, so I would agree with that assessment as well.

Overall, I thought the VALS test and results were very insightful. I don’t think that I would necessarily label myself as an experiencer, or innovator, but I can definitely relate to certain aspects of each group. Ultimately, I think the VALS test is pretty accurate, and does a good job of labeling the types of personalities and qualities of a particular individual. 

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