Monday, December 2, 2013

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            Throughout her life, Amy Chozick has held many job titles within the field of Journalism. She began her career working at the Wall Street Journal where she held job titles that included being a features writer covering Hollywood, a national political correspondent and she even spent some time based in Tokyo as a foreign correspondent. She has large range and broad curiosity with her reporting. Chozick has written front-page articles on the Koch Brothers, the Assad, and Anonymous for targeting media executives.
            Chozick is currently working for the New York Times as a national political reporter. She was originally hired by the Times to cover corporate media. This included chronicling developments and intrigue among many industries power brokers. Chozick also covered stories on terminal snooping at Bloomberg and has chronicled major developments and corner office intrigue among the industry’s power brokers. Her coverage includes stories on terminal snooping at Bloomberg LP and phone hacking at the American multinational mass media corporation, News Corporation.
          During her time with the Wall Street Journal, much of Chozick’s reporting is focused on the Clinton family. This focus started in 2007 when she began to cover the presidential race in which Hillary Clinton was running. She reported on over 20 debates during the 2007 election which included debates by not only Hillary, but also debates with Barack Obama. In 2012, Chozick accompanied former president Bill Clinton to Africa where she wrote the beginning of the speech that he gave to open the Democratic National Convention.
Chozick has won multiple awards throughout her successful career as a reporter and she has written many articles that have appeared in such magazines as The Times’ Dining, Styles and Arts & Leisure. Her first article written for the New York Times was a profiling of Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia. In the article Chizock touches on the moral and ethical issues that Jimmy Wales faces as his company grows from its humble, non-profit origins. As the co-founder of one of the world’s most successful internet websites, Chizock reports that Wales has only a net worth of around $1 million. She goes on to report on where Wales intends to take his widely successful company and if he has any plans about switching to a profit generating business plan which would mainly include the introduction of advertisements to the Wikipedia website.
When she was hired by the New York Times this past July, the Political Editor wrote a memo to her staff praising Chozick for all of her talent and success that she had at the Wall Street Journal. Her distinctive ability to infiltrate institutions and report the stories from within, shows her relentlessness and passion for her work. Her extensive experience as a reporter has gained her much credibility with her fellow reporters as well as with many Americans. Chozick currently resides in the East Village of New York City with her husband Robert Ennis.
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