Thursday, December 12, 2013

Online Assignment 4-5_O'Shasky

            I found this assignment to actually be very interesting. After going through and reading all of the information that Google and Facebook had collected about me I was actually shocked to see how much was actually accurate. The amount of correct information that Google had about me surprised me even more so than the amount that Facebook did. I think that is because I willingly post personal information onto Facebook and like certain pages which would make it easy for them to know my age, interests, etc. I do not post that personal information on Google though, so it was a real shock to see how close they were to profiling me correctly.

            The first site that I checked was Facebook. It got my basic characteristics correct like the fact that I am a male and what my correct age was. That was not so surprising. What did freak me out a little bit was how much stuff they had from my first few years of having a Facebook account. In fact, it seemed like they had pretty much everything. Every invitation to an event or party that someone has sent me, every picture that I had posted; they had everything. One thing that I had heard about before did not really believe was that if you connected your Facebook profile with your phone, that they would be able to retrieve information off of your phone. It turns out that its true. They had a list of my contacts and other personal information that I have on my phone. That was probably the scariest part of this whole assignment.

            When I looked at what information Google had on me I was even more surprised than I was with what Facebook had. Google accurately guessed my age, gender, and quite a few of my interests like certain sports and types of music as well as the fact like I love to travel and have an interest in business. I was surprised to see however, how many things that they got wrong. The three interests that were most bizarre that appeared on my list were Bollywood and South Asian film, fencing, and NASCAR. The fact that any of those interests showed up is completely puzzling to me.

            Overall, I found this online assignment to be quite interesting and entertaining. It was fascinating to see what Google and Facebook profiled me like. I always considered myself a conscientious user of Facebook when it came to the information and items that I posted to that social networking site. Frankly, it is pretty scary to think about the fact that the internet makes it so incredibly easy to find out information about people, even stuff that you thought was private. I am sure we have all tried to “google” ourselves or our family members and friends before and some pretty funny or cool things showed up about them, but to see how accurate and in-depth their profiling is, is quite alarming.

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